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What is this Thing Called Boredom?

It's winter break and, although the lack of structure does make it difficult to remember what day it is (we totally lost a day last week - just *poof* disappeared), I find the activity-less day a field of pure potential. I could read a book or write a play or read a play or write a book or research penguin poop or wash and groom doggies or, or, or... so many possibilities!

My children, however, resist the empty calendar and chant their mantra, "boringboringboring." Each morning begins with, "So what are we going to do today?" And, as I begin to recite a list of potential activities, it becomes quickly clear that nothing I say is going to be a powerful enough weapon to battle their boredom dragons.

Live Science contributor, Taylor Kubota's article, "The Science of Boredom" explores the dynamics of boredom, stating, "Boredom has been associated with plenty of negative outcomes, including low academic performance, high dropout rates, mistakes on the job, depression, anxiety and a lowered sense of life purpose."

Blogger Jack Fisher calls boredom "a potential plague of the future and a force with the ability to subvert the entire concept of Hell."

I call it laziness.

WHO HAS TIME TO BE BORED? Seriously? A free day? What's that? Time to read or think or ponder without a deadline attached? That's my idea of heaven. If that's what boredom is...I say, "Bring it on!"

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