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way to send Carlos and his family money for fresh vegetables and milk, which she managed to do at first through lemonade stands

Carlos is a young man who lives in Granada, Nicaragua. Faced with poverty and illness most of his life, Carlos fights to stay healthy and positive. In 2010, he was severely malnutritioned and desperately in need of help.

Through the support of his American Grandpa, Francis, and the generosity of our local community, he received the food necessary to get healthy. 


In early 2012, my daughter, Zoe, and Carlos became friends. Zoe had never experiences third world poverty before, and Carlos introduced her to a whole new persepective. And, at 8 years old, she promised to find a 

and direct donation solitication. Then she got her big sister, Bree, involved and Bree got her friends from the drama department invovled and our fundraising began to transform into entertainmentbased events, which raised up to 7 months worth of food

money per performance. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of Francis

and these young artists, we've managed to give Carlos and his siblings continued access to fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Now we are embarking on a new path, which we hope will help you feel

as close to Carlos and his family as we do. We invite you to share Francis's adventures helping the children of Nicaragua through our Nicaragua mini-ebook series: "Saving the Children: One Man's Journey through Nicaragua." 

Each book contains five short stories of Francis's forty year mission to help the poor, sick and disabled children he

encountered during his many trips Nicaragua.


These stories of love and hope and, sometimes loss, show how one man's mission of love can change the lives of so many children.


With four decades of adventures to share, we plan to continually add new books to the series moving forward, so if you enjoy the stories you read today, please come back to purchase another. All proceeds will go to help Carlos and his siblings continue to live a healthy lifestyle, which will allow them to stay in school and, eventually, create positive change in their own community.

If Zoe can do it,

so can you!!!


Make a difference today!


Just 99 cents can make the world a better place!

Meet Carlos

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