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autumn in germany

it is not true
that it is not true
that’s how it was
first at first and then again

that’s how it is

“kristallnacht “:
in november 1938
first shattered
were windowpanes
again and again
human bones
of jews and blacks
of the weak and the sick of sinti and roma and poles of lesbians and gays of and of
and of and of
and and

first a few then many

more and more:
arms lifted and joined in applauded clapping
or stealthily gaping
as they
and them
and he and she
and him and her
first once in a while then again and again

again so soon?

a singular incident:
in november 1990
antonio amadeu from angola was murdered
in eberswalde
by neo-nazis
his child born shortly after by a white german
her house
shortly after

ah yes

and the police
came so late
it was too late
and the newspapers were so short of words

it equaled silence and on TV no picture of this homicide

no comment on the incident:

in the newly united germany that so much likes to
likes too much
to call itself re-united

it happened
that here and there
it was first houses
then people
that burnt down
first in the east then in the west then
the whole country

first at first and then again

it is not true
that it is not true that’s how it was

that’s how it is: autumn in germany i dread the winter


1992 May Ayim. Blues in Black and White, pp. 109-111 (Translation by May Ayim/ Ekpenyong Ani) 


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